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Data Centre Management

Carbon legislation is increasing globally and energy efficiency has become a key concern for operators of data centres as well as their clients.

In 2008, the European Commission published the EU Code of Conduct in Data Centres to help data centres and organisations with data centre facilities reduce their impact on the environment. This now globally recognised code proposes general principles and practical actions for data centres to follow.

To support a career path in data centre management or consultancy, the Institute has developed two certificates that enable successful candidates to play a crucial role in delivering an effective efficiency and cost control strategy for their data centre, whilst working on developing more.

We are particularly proud of our internationally recognised Data Centre Specialist Group, which has been formed to create a forum for open and honest discussion, information sharing and evaluation of Data Centre-related issues and technologies.

  • Intermediate

    • EU Code of Conduct in Data Centres

      The Intermediate Certificate follows the publication of the EU Code of Conduct in data centres and BCS' recent work to encourage the IT industry to address the issues of energy cost, power consumption and carbon emissions.
    • Energy and Cost Management in Data Centres

      As part of our ongoing commitment to the understanding of the environmental issues associated with IT and continued expansion of our various sustainability initiatives, BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT, has developed an Intermediate Certificate in Energy and Cost Management in Data Centres.
  • Foundation

    • Certificate in Data Centre Infrastructure

      The purpose of the Foundation Certificate in Data Centre Infrastructure is to certify that the candidate has gained knowledge of various elements within a data centre, an understanding of various specialisms involved, and the associated best practices.


Having played a major role in the development of the EU Code of Conduct in Data Centres, the Institute has used the Best Practice elements of the code as the foundation of its CEEDA assessment. Assessors will require evidence that best practices in each data centre are implemented.

The Assessor will produce a detailed report of their findings and make an Award recommendation to the Institute. On review of this recommendation, the Institute, if appropriate, will accredit their facilities with a Gold, Silver or Bronze level Award for energy efficiency. The organisation receives a comprehensive report and detailed action plan which identifies the steps required to progress to the next level of accreditation.

For more information, and to find out how to become an accredited CEEDA assessor, visit www.ceeda-award.org

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