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Business Analysis

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Wherever you are in your BA journey, you can develop your capabilities with BCS international business analysis certification.

From experienced practitioners to those just starting out, we’ve certified over 70,000 business analysts worldwide with the skills to drive real transformation.

Our BA education programme takes a modular approach to delivering theory, practical application and specialist learning. Rigorous assessment, including a peer group review at Diploma level, means your BA certification will confirm your role as a vital catalyst for business change.

Business Analysis brochure (PDF)

  • Foundation

    • Business Analysis

      This certificate covers the range of concepts, approaches and techniques that are applicable to Business Analysis. It provides a foundation for the Institute’s range of specialist modular certificates in the areas of Business Analysis, IS Consultancy and Business Change. In addition, it provides foundation-level Business Analysis knowledge for specialists in other disciplines, particularly Project Managers and System Developers.
    • Business Change (previously IT Enabled Business Change)

      The certificate is based upon a business change lifecycle which incorporates the techniques, frameworks and models used in business change activities. The certificate is relevant for anyone who requires an understanding of business change.
    • Commercial Awareness

      This certificate is concerned with the commercial and organisational knowledge required for business analysis work.
  • Practitioner

    • Certificate in Benefits Management and Business Acceptance

      This certificate is concerned with the delivery of successful software solutions. This includes the acceptance and implementation of a software solution, plus a rigorous approach to benefits management. This certification also counts towards the Diploma in Business Analysis.
    • Certificate in Business Analysis Practice

      This certificate is concerned with some of the fundamental aspects of business analysis. Its focus is on using an holistic approach to the investigation and improvement of business situations with a view to developing effective, feasible business solutions. This certification also counts towards the Diploma in Business Analysis and the Diploma in Systems Development.
    • Certificate in Data Management Essentials

      This certificate is concerned with the development of procedures for managing an organisations corporate data resource and the roles and skills required for the administration of data and database management.
    • Certificate in Modelling Business Processes

      This certificate focuses on the investigation, modelling, analysis and improvement of business processes. This certification also counts towards the Diploma in Business Analysis.
    • Certificate in Requirements Engineering

      This certificate is concerned with the Requirements Engineering approach to requirements definition. Its focus is on using a systematic approach to eliciting, analysing, validating, documenting and managing requirements. This certification also counts towards the Diploma in Business Analysis.
  • Higher

    • BCS International Diploma in Business Analysis

      Business Analysis plays a pivotal role within an organisation, helping to identify business needs and determine solutions to business problems. The International Diploma in Business Analysis is the industry-recognised certification that truly demonstrates the knowledge, skills and capabilities to be an effective Business Analyst.
  • Expert

    • Expert BA Award

      The Expert BA Award is aimed at senior business analysts looking for formal recognition of their higher level skills and expertise. The Award validates a candidate's ability to conduct complex business analysis activities, engage with senior stakeholders and improve the organisation at a strategic level.

Career path

The career path below illustrates the potential career progression you can make in Business Analysis. It recognises the importance of certification and experience, and provides high level alignment with SFIAplus and the Institute’s membership grades.

View the career path diagram (PDF)


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