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ISTQB Certified Tester

Expert Level (CTEL)

The Expert Level extends the knowledge and experience obtained at the Advanced Level by providing in-depth, practically-oriented certifications in a range of different testing subjects.

The four current modules (two released and two in progress*) provide information to businesses concerning the expectations of an expert in a particular subject. These outcomes map to the individual learning objectives for each module:

  • Improving the test process
  • Test management
  • Test automation*
  • Security testing*

Who is this aimed at?

Anyone with special skills and knowledge from training and experience that demonstrates mastery of a particular testing subject. They may also have in-depth understanding and knowledge of testing theory and practice.

What format is the exam?

Multiple choice section:

  • One hour
  • 20 multiple choice questions

Essay section:

  • Two hours written exam (plus 30 minutes reading)
  • Answer 4 questions out of 5

A score of over 75% is required to pass.

How do I achieve Expert Level?

Candidates must have:

  • the ISTQB-BCS Certified Tester Foundation Level certificate
  • an ISTQB-BCS Certified Advanced Level certificate (depending on the Expert Module desired)
  • passed the Expert Level exam
  • at least 5 years of practical testing experience
  • at least 2 years of industry experience in the specific Expert Level topic

For how long does this certification last?

Five years. The certification must then be renewed by either repeating the exam or achieving 200 Certification Extension Credits (CEC).

Where can I read more?

The Expert Level overview document providers a management summary of each module. Register your interest and we will contact you when more details are available.

ISTQB® is a Registered Trade Mark of the International Software Testing Qualifications Board.

This qualification is not regulated by the following United Kingdom Regulators - Ofqual, Qualification in Wales, CCEA or SQA.