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We will be piloting our Agile Certification this summer. Want us to keep you updated on our exciting new portfolio?  

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Why offer BCS Agile Certification?

The market for agile certification is currently around 50,000 candidates per year - and it’s growing year on year. Over the last six months alone, interest in agile has grown significantly, evidenced by the increasing number of agile-themed events, conferences and online blogs, the rising number of companies specialising in agile and the amount of certification.

Most of the current certification focuses on knowledge-based agile specialisms, which demonstrates evidence of knowledge but is not evidence of skills in practice and does not challenge conventional thinking.

Business and professionals require a recognised benchmark of agile capability gained through actions and practice, and not just traditional training instruction. The BCS Agile Certification pathway pushes the boundaries of knowledge as well as providing a work-based learning process whereby people work and learn together by tackling real-world business issues, and reflecting on their actions.