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Managing your IT talent


We've built our reputation around the world on authority and trust. We understand the needs of employers and we’ve tailored our certifications portfolio and professional development services to meet those needs.


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Training providers

Over 100 accredited organisations worldwide will support the development of the skills and capabilities of your IT team.


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BCS Digital industry trailblazer apprenticeships

BCS Apprenticeships include BCS Professional Certificates as the knowledge module.


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IT skills framework

Managing and developing skills is key to professional development. SFIAplus forms the basis for this.


Understanding SFIAplus


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Organisational Membership

Designed to transform your IT function into a catalyst for innovation and business performance.


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Professional certification

Our portfolio supports career development that includes progression through SFIAplus levels and membership grades.


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Business Solutions

Together we develop people and grow IT capability in business, setting 'next' practice standards.


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Why choose BCS?

‘My employer benefits from having formally qualified skilled staff.’
Steve Rotherham


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