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Become a provider

People working at deskBecome an accredited training or examination provider

Accreditation from the Institute is a sure sign of your ability to deliver the appropriate syllabus using competent tutors and comprehensive materials in an effective learning environment.

We are proud to uphold these standards and training / examination providers must be accredited by us to deliver our certification and examinations.

Accreditation process

Institute accreditation will add a brand to your business that is perceived around the world as an authoritative and independent assurance of quality.

The Institute is committed to enhancing the competence and performance of those working in IT and we offer a wide range of relevant, industry recognised qualifications. The Institute does not provide training directly to candidates.

Through our accreditation process, we recognise and promote those training and examination organisations who can demonstrate the ability to deliver our professional certifications appropriately and effectively.

The Institute’s accreditation team will provide you with all the guidance and support you need, making very clear what is required at each step of the process.

Benefits of becoming a provider