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IT Service and Asset Management - VeriSM™ SIAM and ITAM

BCS offers a range of certifications across the primary disciplines within IT Service Management including VeriSM™, Service Management Specialisms, Service Integration and Management (SIAM) and IT Asset Management

  • VeriSM™ - Service Management for the digital age
    VeriSM™ is a service management approach from the organizational level, looking at the end to end view rather than focusing on a single department. Based around the VeriSM™ model, it shows organizations how they can adopt a range of management practices in a flexible way to deliver the right product or service at the right time to their consumers.

    VeriSM™ allows a tailored approach for the business you are in, the size of your organization, your business priorities, your organizational culture – and even the nature of the individual project or service you are working on.

    Rather than being prescriptive, VeriSM™ helps organizations to respond to consumers and deliver value with integrated service management practices.
  • Service Management Specialist certificates
    Our portfolio enables IT professionals to learn how to deliver, support and manage IT services in an effective and efficient way, embracing best practice frameworks.
  • Service Integration and Management (SIAM)
    BCS EXIN Foundation Certificate in SIAM™ recognises that SIAM is becoming ever more embedded in the industry. It will enable IT Professionals to up-skill in areas of governance, control and predictability of suppliers, services and costs, as well as helping you to improve your organisations business and IT efficiency.
    NEWSFLASH: SIAM™ Professional launches First Quarter 2018
  • IT and Software Asset Management (ITAM)
    Certifications in IT and Software Asset Management give IT professionals and organisations the skills to effectively manage their IT assets. Asset Management is an emerging discipline with significant benefits to organisations in vendor compliance, risk management and improved asset efficiency. Our range of certifications is evolving, to recognise the growth in this important area.


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