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How we can help you

We have the solutions you need to assess, manage and develop an IT expert workforce that will add real value to your business and provide competitive advantage.

  • Develop your people
    Enhance the skills and capabilities of your IT team through our internationally- recognised and industry -relevant certification and qualifications.
  • Improve business performance
    Our professional development tools will ensure you have the right people with the right skills and capabilities in the right places to grow the business.
  • Raise levels of professionalism 
    Institute membership strengthens your staff development strategy and reinforces your commitment to IT professionalism.
  • Gain recognition
    Endorsement from the Institute will raise your organisation’s profile and confirm your status as an employer of excellence.

The benefits for your organisation:

Providing a clear career path through industry recognised and relevant certification will ensure your organisation has the skills and capabilities needed to grow the business.

  • Industry-relevant professional certification that supports IT roles within your organisation
  • Aligned with SFIAplus, Institute membership grades and Chartered status - providing a clear development path for employees
  • Online examinations available enhancing candidate experience
  • Institute membership supports self-initiated professional development
  • Knowledge and skills can be aligned to objectives to deliver business value from IT
  • Competitive advantage through a professional and highly skilled workforce
  • Supports your organisation to retain, motivate and recruit the best IT professionals
  • Gain recognition as an employer of excellence
Develop your IT team