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Programme and Project Support Office

Advanced practitioner certificate

At this advanced level, candidates can expect to gain knowledge and understanding of terms of reference and business case for the programme and project support office (PPSO). They will also be able to design, set up and staff the PPSO as well as set and maintain service level agreements for business and project level services.

Who is this aimed at?

Any professional who have a more strategic role to play in PPSO functions.

What are the entry requirements?

Candidates should have a basic working knowledge of IT. All candidates must also demonstrate two years relevant experience and have passed the Certificate in Programme and Project Support Office Essentials. Training with a BCS accredited training provider is recommended.

What format is the exam?

  • Two hour 'closed book' scenario-based exam, preceded by 15 minutes reading time.
  • One mandatory question and any other two questions from the remaining three.
  • Pass mark for question one is 30 marks and overall 50% or more.

Guidance for written exam candidates

Where can I take the exam?

With an accredited training provider

Where can I read more?

You can read more in the syllabus and the reading list for this certification.

What can I do next?

You may want to consider other higher level certification in Project Management. Otherwise our Business Analysis and Agile certification may be of interest.

Please note: The PPSO oral exam, as part of the Advanced Certificate, has been discontinued. Current holders of the PPSO Advanced Certificate who have taken the oral exam, your certificate is still valid and you are not required to retake the written exam.

This qualification is not regulated by the following United Kingdom Regulators - Ofqual, Qualifications in Wales, CCEA or SQA.