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Service Integration and Management (SIAM)

As SIAM becomes ever more embedded as an industry discipline, businesses increasingly need their IT staff to possess more and deeper practical understanding and competence about SIAM.

Our new certificate delivers vital domain knowledge, including:

  • Improved governance, control and predictability of suppliers, services AND costs
  • Increased efficiency and effectiveness across IT service delivery
  • The potential to optimise value from the supplier base used by an organisation
  • Greater flexibility to plug-and-play new suppliers into SIAM  ecosystems

Review and endorsed by itSMF UKBCS EXIN Foundation Certificate in SIAM™ receives itSMF UK endorsement

Foundation level
Get a comprehensive overview of all the concepts and best practice principles:

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SIAM: Businesses, Demand, Suppliers, Supply diagram

BCS and EXIN webinar

Listen to the BCS and EXIN webinar from 19 January which is approximately one hour duration. Discover how your organisation can benefit from the SIAM™ certification.

To listen, click below.

19 January 2017