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VeriSM™ - Service Management for the digital age

Today, every organisation is a service provider. VeriSM™ is a new approach to help you create a flexible operating model that will work for you, based on your desired business outcomes.

VeriSM™ describes a service management approach from the organisational level, looking at the end-to-end view rather than focusing on a single department. Based around the VeriSM™ model, it shows organisations how they can adopt a range of management practices in a flexible way to deliver the right product or service at the right time to their consumers.

VeriSM™ allows for a tailored approach depending upon the type of business you are in, the size of your organisation, your business priorities, your organisational culture - and even the nature of the individual project or service you are working on.

Rather than focusing on one prescriptive way of working, VeriSM™ helps organisations to respond to their consumers and deliver value with integrated service management practices.

NEW: Professional Certificate in VeriSM™ will be launching in early November 2018, creating a robust certification pathway for Service Management professionals

VeriSM™ Management Mesh

The unique VeriSM™ Management Mesh, including Resources; Environment; Emerging technologies and Management practices, offers a flexible approach that can be adapted depending on the requirements for your particular products or services.

Foundation level

VeriSM™ and the VeriSM logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of the International Foundation for Digital Competences (IFDC).

VeriSM logo

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VeriSM™ is:

  • Value-driven
  • Evolving
  • Responsive
  • Integrated
  • Service
  • Management

Listen to the authors of VeriSM™ and discover that power of the global service management community that has come together to deliver this exciting new model.

VeriSM™ helps IT professionals to look at the services they are providing from the business perspective, which will make them valuable enablers of the digital transformation.