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GDPR and Data Protection (2017)

In May 2018, the UK Government, and every other EU Government, is incorporating the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) into their individual Data Protection laws and the impact of GDPR is expected to be extend way outside the EU countries. Each country will be adopting a core of new rules and protections for data. It is vital that anyone involved in managing or controlling data be fully up to date with this legislation, as it is going to permanently impact the way your organisation uses personal data.

BCS has developed a simple structure of certificates designed for any candidate working with data protection, whether they be new to the discipline, or have been working in DP for many years.

For candidates that already hold the original BCS Data Protection Foundation and / or Practitioner Certificates (taken prior to January 2018), then you are encouraged to take the appropriate GDPR Update module for your level of Certification. GDPR Update will refresh your knowledge and equip you with the skills needed to become compliant with the new data protection legislation.

For anyone else that has not previously taken a certificate in data protection, BCS has thoroughly refreshed and brought up to date new versions of our Data Protection Foundation and Data Protection Practitioner certificates. The newly released 2017 versions of Data Protection will give you a new qualification, aligned with the important changes in the new legislation.

Help to ensure your organisation will be compliant and make sure you know the new rules and equip yourself to be the subject matter expert within your team, by choosing the most appropriate certification from the list below.

Foundation level

Start your learning with general awareness and a comprehensive overview of all the key principles in data protection:

Practitioner level

Enhance your learning with more in-depth knowledge:

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