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Associate Membership for successful BCS Professional Certification candidates

We are providing successful BCS Professional Certification candidates with a year’s Associate (AMBCS) membership.

Access to membership for a year offers successful candidates a taste of what it’s like to belong to the leading industry body for IT and the kind of support they could receive to help them reach their career potential.

Why become a member?

Reach your potential‘I think that if you want to be considered a professional, it’s important to join your professional body. The Institute helps me keep abreast with current developments in the field and has added interest and satisfaction not only professionally but socially as well.’
Dr C James Bacon, MBCS

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How do Professional Certification candidates receive their membership?

Following the successful completion of a BCS Professional Certificate and the notification of result, candidates will receive an activation email / letter with details of a dedicated web portal where they can complete their details and confirm their agreement to our Code of Conduct. Candidates who have opted out of communications from BCS when registering for a Professional Certification or those that have unsubscribed from BCS email communications previously will not receive the membership offer. Individuals who have previously held membership with BCS are not eligible for this offer.

This will activate their membership and they will then be able to start enjoying our full Associate (AMBCS) membership benefits package.

The benefits of Associate (AMBCS) membership

Associate membership delivers a range of services designed around the professional needs of today’s competent IT practitioners.

  • Professional recognition
    Tools to gain recognition within the industry include post nominal letters AMBCS, and a defined path to Chartered status via Professional membership.
  • Career development
    To plan and track progression, members use our Personal Development Plan (PDP), the CPD portal and gain full access to Browse SFIAplus, the online tool that allows them to explore the industry framework for IT skills, training and development.
  • Networking
    Top people, great ideas and the latest thinking locally, nationally and online - our global networking opportunities are unrivalled and include branches, specialist groups and the Member Network.
  • Knowledge and best practice
    From the latest industry news to our massive online library, the Institute’s information services keep members up to date with best practice, and at the cutting edge of IT.
  • Exclusive discounts and offers
    Adding even more value to membership, our discounts and free services enable members to enjoy savings both at work and at home.

Upgrading to Professional (MBCS) membership

At any time during their free year’s membership, candidates who are eligible can upgrade to Professional (MBCS) membership. (MBCS subscription payment is required).

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